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Perkins Contracting Company is a privately owned union company and began in February 1955 by Virgil Perkins as an underground utility contractor. Virgil was experienced in the field as he worked for 29 years in the field before starting Perkins Contracting Company in 1955. The business was ran by Robert Perkins as a 2nd generation business for many years and is now ran by the 2nd and 3rd generation of the family. The company beginnings were mainly as a sub-contractor for Southwestern Bell and AT&T installing manholes and conduit and other associated underground telephone cable work throughout the region. Perkins Contracting has done work over the years for many public utility companies, such as Ameren (Union Electric), MSD, along with AT&T and Perkins has performed services for many other city municipalities, school districts, and private companies and individual customers in the communication, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler system, and sewer fields.


Perkins Contracting performs services for their many customers that include installing different types of conduit or cable installation by many different methods such as trenching and directional boring. Perkins other services include building custom underground vaults or manholes and placing different types of prefabricated concrete manholes and placement of many different size handholes and smaller fiberglass or concrete handholes. The services are complete and include asphalt and concrete restoral.

Our Services

Directional Boring

We have underground directional boring machines capable of boring at desired lengths, depths, and diameters up to 12" as needed.

Manhole & Handhole Placement

We can place precast concrete or fiberglass manholes or handholes of all sizes or we can create the size and type desired by building a pour-in-place concrete manhole or handhole.

General Excavation Services

We have backhoes, mini-excavators, trenchers, and hi-lift excavators capable of performing many different types of excavation services including relocating utilities.


We perform hyrdo-excavation services as needed to locate and verify depth of various utilities or as needed.

Asphalt & Concrete Paving

We do small asphalt and concrete work in conjunction with our other services.

Cable & Conduit Installation

We can perform excavation and placement of all types of conduit and cable as needed by means of hand trenching, mechanical trenching, backhoe, or directional machines for electrical, communication, plumbing, or irrigation systems.

Our Work

Our experienced employees are the companies most valuable asset. The field employees are union members and belong to the laborer, and operating engineers unions.

Our Customers

We work with customers of all sizes, always striving for perfection.